My name is Ian Bryan. I live in Asheville, North Carolina.

I develop and produce integrated learning systems, immersive curriculum, and multi-platform, unified conceptual frameworks for K12 and adult learning populations.

Professionally working on:

16 NOV 2020 | By Ian Bryan

As of October 2020, 1.37 billion, just shy of half of all enrolled students worldwide, are unable to attend classes because they live in an area that lacks internet connectivity and the needed available hardware/resources to engage in remote learning programs.

For over 30 years, technology and publishing corporations have shared over $2 trillion in revenue with their investors and shareholders, somehow leaving 17 million students behind, with lacking or nonexistent access to digital teaching resources. Contact me if you wish to join or support a quiet consortium of retired teachers and administrators who are mounting the opposition.

28 OCT 2020 | By Ian Bryan

It turns out there is work to be done in ESL.

Incoming: a brilliant, kind, passionate language educator who chose to pioneer an ESL learning path that secures fundamentals. I'm grateful to be consulting with NICO Languages to produce its new online learning environment, pilot programs and develop strategic alliances for the distribution of its curriculum. Take a look, and get in touch if you are interested in discussing.

17 OCT 2020 | By Ian Bryan

Jen and I were in Westminster SC this weekend for a deep dive into the fullness of the forest and a collaboration with Atlanta-based artist and former WorldChanging VP of Operations Amy Senn. Coming soon... an online immersion into 5 installations across the United States.

Watch for it at amysenn.com.


I also make films that solve problems, mentor humanitarians, and advocate for the voiceless. I welcome collaborations, partnerships, nonprofit support. 

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