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Asset 1@2x

Prosecution & Safety

Phase 1: $15,000.00

Raised Since August 1 2019

Fortification Casa Azul

Phase 2: $30,000.00

Raised Since Oct 1 2019

Shelter Expansion

Phase 3: $160,000.00

Not started yet!

At present, my primary focus is to build, fortify and program Casa Azul.


Casa Azul is the flagship shelter and headquarters of the Batey Rehab Project (BRP): the only organization in the Dominican Republic that provides care to women and families across the entire spectrum of humanitarian response and post-traumatic human development. I sit on its board of directors.


Like most organizations that respond to human trafficking, BRP provides reconnaissance, intervention, rescue, advocacy and prosecution supports. But unlike any other organization we've found, BRP provides the umbrella of supports, resources and protection necessary to restore whole families (2 generations at a time) to thriving, while breaking the intergenerational cycles of extreme poverty and violence. This means holding babies, building homes, providing full employment + benefits, trauma-informed care, reproductive and mental health services, education, spiritual and emotional supports to each woman in their program.  All of this is provided in-house, resulting in healing, empowerment and permanent, personal transformation.


Phase 1 of this campaign enables BRP to carry its current prosecution to conviction (including legal fees, professional services, legal filings and counsel), provides secure transport and safety personnel for shelter staff and residents to ambulate as necessary, and provides the necessary assessment of Casa Azul for security upgrades.


Phase 2 of this campaign enables BRP to build and fortify compound walls, add video and audio surveillance capability, fund a backup generator system, activate added staff for protection, and construct temporary shelter additions to reach current populations in need.


Phase 3 of this campaign enables BRP to expand its shelter, adding a classroom, clinic, office and increased  residential capacity by 600%. Especially for women requiring prosecution, this phase enables BRP to provide its wholistic services to a more broad population. 





Host Ian to share a presentation and discussion in your community (homes, schools, churches and local businesses). 25 minutes + Q/A.


Purchase a WorldChanging bracelet and the proceeds sponsor a child in our program for a full month.


Talk to us about hosting a film screening (must be able to gather an audience of 50 or more persons). Contact ian@(this website name).