I am busy tethering...

to unity consciousness

Last year a large, publicly held company failed to honor its agreements with WorldChanging Agency. A 6-figure discrepancy quickly compounded. Eventually, we had to take legal action against our client.

We engaged all vendors to negotiate debts that were placed through agency. We're a relationship company, so we had no problems making arrangements with our vendors.

Except one: Future US Media, the parent of Techlearning Magazine, refused to negotiate. In response to our graduated payment offer which would have remunerated the company 100% within 12 months, Future US Media preemptively initiated legal action against us.

Unable to maintain our mission work, pay off the debt margin, AND invest in legal defense, our only option was to dissolve the agency and media company. 

The experience was painful, but also beautifulI learned a lot about our larger purpose. I learned that ideals don't belong in contracts unless they are profitable. Most importantly, the experience startled me out of marketing and agency work entirely. Find me (legally protected and separate from WorldChanging Media, at worldchangingfilms.com