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Tallahassee Democrat visits Raa Middle School

In Carlos Fernandez’s eighth grade American History class at Raa Middle School, the students don’t raise their hands. They simply press a button, and Fernandez knows exactly who has answered, what they answered and if it was correct.

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Job Skills? Try World Peace Skills

THE Journal’s new Editorial Director gets it… The magazine has updated its team, with Therese Mageau stepping in as Editorial Director. In one of her first issues, her opening article on the magazine cover puts the 4C’s into perspective…

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The Olympian Visits Capital High

OLYMPIA – Today’s young people have grown up in a society that revolves around technology.

Want to talk? Send them a text message on their cell phone.

Want to see who their friends are? Visit Facebook.

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NPR’s visit to Florida digital classrooms

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WFSU) – Students at Raa Middle School are making the jump from a traditional classroom, to one filled with new technology. As Lynn Hatter reports, gone are the days when just a paper, pencil and textbook were all that was needed.

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