ABC takes the trip to Los Banos, CA, features Letters Alive by Logical Choice

Last fall we re-started media relations and content development services for an old friend – Logical Choice Technologies (LCT). If you’ve been following our work in education, you might make the connection: Logical Choice is the largest seller and servicer of Promethean classroom technology products in the USA, and one of our earliest education clients.

But this time we aren’t focused on Interactive Whiteboards. Today LCT stretches the horizon once more with an amazing new software/hardware product, created in-house and rapidly soaring to the top of every Pre-K – 2nd grade classroom teachers Christmas wishlist for educational technology.

Letters alive is a revolutionary supplemental reading curriculum that uses the innovative technology of augmented reality to bring letters to life for students in the form of 3D, interactive animals. In the curriculum, students master the building blocks of literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, concepts of print, and comprehension. Letters alive aligns with Common Core State Standards and applies best practices in phonics-based reading instruction.

Letters alive 2.0 makes learning to read even more fun and exciting with its faster response times and augmented reality tracking. Students interact with the animals by using the cards, and learn about the animal, the letter, and sentence building.

Letters Alive pioneers the integration of 3D, augmented reality into the classroom environment. No special glasses are needed to render animals, letters and videos into crisp, clear 3D images. Sentences built using an animal card and three sight word cards demonstrate concepts of print and punctuation. At the same time, augmented reality prompts the…

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Letters Alive by Logical Choice (LettersAlive)