America’s Top Macintosh Towns (most users per capita)

In the last 12 months I have had 3 companies contact me with the same constraint:

“We only target mac users”

So I’ve been watching out for opportunities to target mac users without spamming or having to take out box ads in online magazines. As you can imagine, Facebook takes the cake for this kind of targeting, but when AcctVantage (accounting software for Mac) asked us how we can reach small and large businesses that operate on Mac systems and networks, the targeting goals had to shift in order to work with LinkedIn and other business owner/executive networks.

So where do we find companies with 25 or more employees who all sit down in front of a shiny Mac each morning?


Chitika’s last study (please update, Chitika!) shows that San Francisco (+ 5 other California cities) has the highest penetration of Mac users in the country (surprise, surprise, I know). And yet the #1 State in the Union for Mac usage is Vermont.

While California, with its 14% Apple adoption, is not the top STATE, it holds 6 of the top 10 biggest cities in America with the highest Mac market share.

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest cities with the highest Mac market share:

Chitika Top U.S. Mac-using cities


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