Join us – contribute!

The next 12 days hold one of my favorite annual traditions. Each year we look around in the less-obvious places for ideas, organizations and people we believe in. Then, during the 12 days following Christmas and into the New Year, we donate a piece of our profits each day on behalf of each of our clients…

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Notes from the field… ULS

One of our Social Enterprise Clients, Excent Corporation, dedicates the majority of all funding and labor resources to the Magic Wand Foundation (SC Founder Ian Bryan on its Board). This week is the big one – once each year, kids from around the world converge on Disney World for a youth empowerment camp called the Ultimate…

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Notes from the field… TEDx ED

We’re still hunting for our shoes after an extraordinary week in Philadelphia. Before we start posting ISTE recaps, here’s a series of “short reports” from Sensible City’s flagship production of the week: TEDxPhiladelphiaED…

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