Asheville Community Values Assessment – an invitation…

In partnership sith local civic and business leadership, Barrett Values Centre has announced We Are Asheville, a community values assessment intended to inform and empower local problem-solving, decision-making and sustainability through an understanding of our community’s shared values.

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Techflash: Seattle’s

Frank Catalano: Having spent a February week at a major technology industry trade show, I was delighted to see key Seattle-area companies well-represented on the Austin exhibit floor. The 450 exhibitors included DreamBox, co-founded by a Microsoft veteran and now backed by Reed Hastings of Netflix;GlobalScholar, run by a former and executive and recently…

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Clear Village kicks off Helsingborg Lab

Today, Clear Village kicks off an exciting new participative design Lab in Sweden, aimed at articulating the future cultural life of its host city, Helsingborg. Led by Clear Village and Artur Moustafa of the Helsingborg City Theatre, participants will gather background information and stimuli which…

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