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Conversations about changing the world

“The kind of conversation I like is one in which you are prepared to emerge a slightly different person” ~Theodore Zeldin I’ve always been inspired by the way our species has learned to live side-by-side, despite our wildly different realities. It is, perhaps, the greatest feat of evolution. I also believe that this reality-diversity is the most…

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NBC Ft. Myers Checks out Smartpens in Action

“Sometimes she would talk a little too fast and I would be still writing something while she would be explaining something else,” said student Janine Cortesi of Corkscrew Middle School. But now, with the smartpen implementation, students are able to access instruction after class from any computer with internet access.

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Eric Sheninger on the cover of Scholastic

Solution Tree Author Eric Sheninger is in the spotlight again, this time on the cover of Scholastic Administrator Magazine. See how these administrators are using social media to connect with peers—and improve how they run their schools.

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