Clear Village Project in Mid Italy

After our ‘Dynamic Dialogues’ process in Helsingborg and the ‘Repairing Broken Communities’ well-being analysis in a deprived area in Kiel earlier this year, CLEAR VILLAGE is carrying out its third main project in 2011 in a rural village in Italy.

The context
Atina has caught our attention as it evinces a strong sense of identity and tremendous cultural richness with art competitions, festivals and a manifold diversity of exhibitions. However, Atina also faces the typical rural-village challenges of depopulation, limited services and economic dependence on subsidies. Additionally, Atina’s population seems to be fragmented in two main parts, which exacerbates developing a collectively developed vision and change process.
The outcome
Under the header ‘Conversations about the Future of Atina’ CLEAR VILLAGE is working in Atina in mid Italy during July 21st and August 1st 2011 to kick off a multiple phase project to regenerate a fragmented local community, co-create a shared vision for a derelict ancient rural village of tremendous cultural and social richness as well as generate new opportunities for the benefit of all inhabitants.

Our involvement
The project is divided in three main parts: The first phase of the project, called ‘Discovering Atina’ will start the conversation during the well-known Atina Jazz Festival in 2011 by enabling people from all walks of life to get involved, collaborate and decide together how the look, feel and prosperity of the village is up for change. This phase will be carried out together with our collaboration partner ImaginePlaces, who provides strong technical knowledge and dialogue tools, which will together with us be specifically tailored for Atina.
The second phase ‘Dreaming Atina’ will continue the ignited local conversations about a sustainable future for the village with a CLEAR VILLAGE LAB, where local community members and global experts will co-create a strategy for redevelopment and revitalisation on the village scale.
The vision and action plan derived from the LAB will be put into action in the third phase ‘RECODE Atina’. The team will publish a report how rural villages in the Mediterranean can be revitalised effectively; objectives defined in the vision and action plan in order will be put in place to achieve a gradual and successful recode of the community.

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