World-Changing at the United Nations/Nexus

Last Thursday, I was a grateful delegate to the 7th annual Nexus Global Summit. Today, I’m on fire!

Because I work in conferences all year long, it is rare that I wish to attend one. I let my membership with TED lapse starting in 2011, mostly because the working group component was fading and I don’t care to spend $10K per year being marketed to. Since then I’ve come and gone from a number of progressive conferences. Each had its strengths, but what I value are working conferences.

Nexus Summit General Session, Day 1 United Nations Ian Bryan

Nexus Summit General Session, Day 1

Nexus was created in 2011 as an international non-profit with the purpose of connecting communities of wealth and social entrepreneurs around the world. It was exactly where I needed to be, having said goodbye to Edtech last year and committing to the path of genuine world-changing moving forward. I connected with various committee chairs and lab leaders ahead of choosing to attend, and the universal input was that “NEXUS is a place where real work in the world gets done.”

Attending Nexus wasn’t easy. I boarded more flights during June and July of 2017 than in any other summer in 5 years. Wrapping up July, after spending a full day training educators in Arizona, I flew straight to New York and was attending Nexus’ new member orientation within hours of landing at JFK.

True to its promise, I left New York with work to do. Good work. Meaningful work. And most importantly, meaningful connections that anchor to passion-projects that are shovel ready. This came about through a mix of meeting amazing new people and reuniting with familiar, inspiring faces (hat tip to Sarah Elizabeth Ippel and Christen Lien, most notably).

UNICEF Brain Trust Working Group Session Ian Bryan

UNICEF Brain Trust Working Group Session at Nexus Summit

This year the delegates organized with targeted agencies and programs into Brain Trusts, including UNICEF’s “Kid Power”
campaign, UNFPA’s “Safe Birth Even Here” and UNDP’s “Equator Initiative”. I met some pretty amazing people and was welcomed into the working committee on global education. Working amongst so many driven people challenged me to take my own passions to the next level. One week later, I began the organization of the World-Changing, which I’ll share more about in a few months.