Internships in the UK

Work for Sensible City in the UK!

Based in Central London (East-Central), this social media / communications support role is critical to the success of a charity operation, which involves the active engagement of a truly global community (eg – time zones matter). Your objective will be to engage in a process which actively solicits feedback from a global community of sustainability-minded designers, engineers, community leaders, architects and other professionals.

Your internship in London will cultivate social media skills and provide the experience of a lifetime (whether your career path is in design, sustainability, communications, or otherwise) unique opportunity to contribute to good work in the world while gaining rare experience!

  • We offer hands on experience and the ability to see a project through from beginning to end.
  • As an intern you will be digitally and practically paired with a team member who will serve as your mentor throughout the internship and be available beyond the term of employment.
  • Our internships are based on client projects and upon positive completion will provide letters of recommendation from the CEO/President/Director of the client company as well as Sensible City’s president.


  • This is an unpaid internship


We want to give you a robust and unique opportunity.  In order to make the most of this process you need to be prepared with the following:

  • Ability and willingness to work 16-20 hours per week in our office on a regular schedule.
  • Familiarity with  all Microsoft office programs and basic social media tools
  • Proven time management skills and a positive attitude.
  • Ability to conduct internet research
  • Ability to use or rapidly learn wordpress, facebook, linkedin, twitter and digg


An independent, can-do attitude and ability to lead a project to completion is expected of all Sensible City interns. You will be expected to:

  • Be accountable at all times.
  • Identify all options and solutions to project obstacles.
  • Communicate with all levels of society and influence.