Join us – contribute!

[From Ian Bryan]

The next 12 days hold one of my favorite annual traditions. Each year we look around in the less-obvious places for ideas, organizations and people we believe in. Then, during the 12 days following Christmas and into the New Year, we donate a piece of our profits each day on behalf of each of our clients. Using social media, we’ll share our giving choices each day. This isn’t to show off how generous we are, although we are proud of our giving culture. The purpose is to inspire others to do the same, or to discover new ways of supporting positive change in the world.

Tonight is our kickoff, with contributions on behalf of our client Excent, via our microfinance partner Kiva, to support a small, woman-owned business in Iraq. The proprietor’s name is Jwan:

Jwan is 35 years old and a proud mother of four children. She is also a proud and successful Iraqi working woman. For the past three years, she has been working hard in her beauty salon. Her clients are very pleased with the service they receive.

Jwan is requesting a loan of $2,400 from Relief International-Iraq to make some changes to her salon and improve the working area, which will allow her to hire an employee to work with her in the salon.

To learn more about Kiva and/or micro-finance, click here.

We’ll update this post in a few weeks with a complete roundup. In the mean time, if you are inspired, send us a comment or email and let us know!

Thanks for reading. May your 2012 bring abundance, liberation and joy…


Ian Bryan

President & Founder