Live Stream: Join us for a very special TEDx


From Ian Bryan, Sensible City President and TEDxDenverED Curator:

Have you ever witnessed the power of many – from around the world – coming together to align around a specific goal? A goal to nurture and evolve what matters most? That feeling of humility and awe has characterized the spirit of our team at Sensible City as we prepare for TEDxDenverED – a unique miniconference concurrent with ISTE in Denver, Colorado. The doors open at 5:15 on Monday.

The event was sold out almost as soon as we announced it. Over 1,000 people applied to attend. Consider that flood of passionate people to be our first slice of humble pie.

Then, sorting through to identify those who would bring back their inspirations and distinctions into classrooms and education communities was one of the most difficult things our programming team had ever done.  Almost every application blew us away.

So here we are, just a few days out, sifting through the reality that a community of exceptionally compassionate, driven and darned smart worldchangers will form in 3 days for TEDxDenverED.

We hope that those of you who are not joining in the flesh will plug in online for our Live Stream, made possible by eChalk: