NBC Macon: Gray Elementary Embraces New Technology Learning

Local elementary school students are learning in a brand new way.

Teachers now have instant access to student comprehension data, before moving on to the next lesson. Students are able to put video gaming and text messaging to use, while grasping a new concept.

At Gray Elementary, chalkboards and paper handouts are things of the past. Students and teachers are embracing new technologies like wireless tablets, digital “chalkboards” and educational video games.

“A lot of times it’s hard to get students to stay totally engaged in what they are doing, but when they come into the computer lab and work with the Qtopia and other computerized programs similar to this they are totally engrossed in what they are doing,” said Gray Elementary Principal Cecil Patterson.

The result is kids are more focused on their work, interested in the lesson and doing better in school.

“If you look around, you didn’t see anyone that was misbehaving, everyone was participating, everyone was on task,” said Technology Teacher Marty Harrington.

Keeping everyone on task is easy for Harrington with the help of some 21st century technology.

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