Scholastic Administrator: Mr. Royal goes to the Bronx (Qwizdom)

March 15, 2010 | Author: Ken Royal

Archimedes Academy a Bronx Gem


The ancient Syracuse problem-solver Archimedes would have appreciated his namesake Archimedes Academy in the Bronx. This 6-12th grade math, science, and technology NYC public school is run by Miriam Lazara modern day mathematician, principal, education entrepreneur, author, and problem solver. Unlike Archimedes, her tasks are a bit more difficultand require a bit more work before shouting Eureka.

Running a successful school, getting corporate sponsorship, providing quality curriculum, with energetic teachers and the technology to back it all up, needs the right person at the helm. I doubt many can say no to “Ms. Miriam” when it comes to her kids, teachers, and school. Makes sense that kids travel from all oversome taking 3 buses, to attend thereand that the school population increases each year. Every space in the building is used. If you’re looking for a school example where success breeds success, Archimedes Academy stands at the top of t…

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