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Dallas Observer: Dallas sprouts green city block downtown

By Robert Wilonsky in News You Can Actually Use, Actually ​John Greenan has made it official: He and Brent Brown are going forward with Forwarding Dallas to fill that parking lot behind Dallas City Hall with a self-sustaining building. Says Greenan of his decision to go with the Portuguese architects behind the downtown hillside, “Dallas would be a richer…

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Dallas Observer’s front page feature on Re:Vision Dallas

Imagine, if you will, a utopia smack in the heart of downtown Dallas. In this green, sustainable building of tomorrow, you might roll out of bed, take a shower and find your runoff water feeding vegetation growing on the roof and walls, upon which you’ll feast later that night. Or maybe you’ll move downtown and…

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Urban Re:Vision Dallas Competition Closed

I was just going through recent client/partner related blogs and found these thoughts from John Greenan’s CityWalk. Last week (on tax day) was the last day to register for the Re:Vision Dallas competition, the design competition for a sustainable city block that we are conducting in partnership with the City of Dallas, Urban Re:Vision and…

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