Visioneering at XPRIZE

“It is good for me to experience hardship, for I shall be less inclined toward it as an adult.” – Adora Svitak

On Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer called Adora Svitak a ‘Tiny literary giant.” The title seems astute when you measure her diminutive stature against her accomplishments. Adora Svitak is an 11-year old child prodigy who has published 4 books, has a webcasting audience of over 200,000 and teaches classes to grown up educators on how to get kids excited about reading and writing.

“One of the best ways to get kids engaged in the classroom is to give us some control in our learning experience…” begins Adora’s post on Ken Royal’s blog, where she explains in convincing terms why kids really should have more control. If that gets you started, just run a google search and you’ll find that Adora is better published in blogs and social media than we are!

Sensible City was fortunate to be the agency assigned to Adora (client: Promethean) back in 2006. Adora has since become one of the most defining voices of our times in America for youth with ambition to solve the worlds problems.

In this video, we see a modern activist with a powerful message, yet still bearing the same breadcrumb trail of inspiring ideas she started out with. To get a peek at our first video project with Adora, click here.