What is Ian doing?

Funny. Today I found myself needing to provide a BIO to do something I’d like to do. I hadn’t been asked for a bio in many, many years.

I am happy to, but I have to give it thought. We measure people by their accomplishments. My accomplishments are mostly through my last company. A few are listed below. But the IMPACT is now far greater, far more rewarding and sustainable.

Crafting the now part of a bio without giving away a project that is currently top secret… this is hard.

And it is awesome. I’ve been nagged by many Dear Ones to re-establish “my brand” and as we move towards launch in 2018, it is as good of a time as any.

So what is Ian doing? I’m no longer doing this:

or this:

After closing Sensible City, I shrunk. Divorce was hard. I had to rethink, renew, rebuild, revision.


So I stopped putting on TEDx events dedicated to unheard voices is education reform and visioning.


I stopped working with the media, pushing for years to get the USA media to focus on K12.

Ian Bryan K12 Education Strategy & Communications Sensible City

I stopped talking to the media and representing progressive companies in edtech and curriculum.


I stopped working with awesome nonprofits and people who inspired me.


I stopped producing global conferences and local community events that propelled policies that are in place all over the world today.


I stopped launching films and turned over World Peace to a wonderful bunch of people to manage. John is now working in dozens of countries worldwide and his talk is in TED’s top 10.

The idea of taking credit for these things is insane. I had a team. And we, as a team, had an ecosystem of engaged change-makers.

What we didn’t have was a single purpose that brought it all together.

And so I went silent.

I consulted.

And today, I have a vision. I’ll give you a hint: its all of the above with one powerful fulcrum to make it work.

Stay tuned!