What is the real impact of PR in K12? (depends on how you define PR)


Glen McCandless of Selling to Schools invited me onto his program to discuss PR in education: blind spots, opportunities and sales integration.

Episode Overview:

Public relations has taken the back seat to other types of lead generation education marketing for most companies in the K-12 market, especially with tight economic conditions.

Many companies focus their PR efforts on occasional features in education trade publications, while relying on press releases and web communications to reach the rest of their audience.

Most education marketing and sales executives struggle with PR measurement and ROI, relegating the lion’s share of their budgets to sales infrastructure, advertisements, tradeshows, webinars and other products believed to be “measurable”. But recent market trends are causing some savvy executives to change their minds and reconsider PR — but framed quite differently.

In this episode, we’ll take about 15 minutes to explore the topic with our guest, PR expert Ian Bryan. Ian has a unique perspective on PR as a way to drive sales of educational technology. He and his organization, Sensible City, have been delivering sales-integrated PR in K12 education since 2005,and they have thousands of news stories and millions of dollars in sales to show for their efforts.

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