My name is Ian Bryan. I live in Asheville, North Carolina. Right now I am:

  • Developing an ESL resource portal for tutors & ASPs
  • Finalizing a new strategic vision for WorldChanging
  • Building a 30 ft dome at our mountaintop sanctuary in Whittier
  • Meeting new humans each week with no agenda via screencalls
  • Reading In The Garden of The Beasts - E. Larson

15 FEB 2021 | By Ian Bryan

Many wonderful things taking place. After decades of developing community learning systems and courseware products, we decided to spin around WorldChanging Studios to produce a platform of our own. Take a look, co-liberate.com.

10 JAN 2021 | By Ian Bryan

We start January developing courses like crazy!

I produce human learning systems, which includes online courses and LMS platforms.

Grateful to announce I've just added part-time and full-time development humans to my team. We're open to new projects in February!

25 DEC 2020 | By Ian Bryan

Thank you. Those who leaned in with us, those who cared, we're still standing.



Jen and I recently collaborated with Atlanta-based artist and former WorldChanging VP of Operations Amy Senn. Coming soon... her online nature gallery. I'll post a link by the New Year.