My name is Ian Bryan. I live in Asheville, North Carolina. Right now I am:

  • Developing ESL curriculum for middle school learners
  • Addressing remote learning inequities that Covid-19 illuminated
  • Meeting 2 new humans each week with no agenda via screencalls
  • Reading In The Garden of The Beasts - E. Larson
  • Learning Just Enough Spanish- Gabrielle Stobbe

10 JAN 2021 | By Ian Bryan

We start January developing courses like crazy!

I produce human learning systems, which includes online courses and LMS platforms.

Grateful to announce I've just added part-time and full-time development humans to my team. We're open to new projects in February!

Regarding the meme - read my LI post on working with brands that support Donald Trump.

25 DEC 2020 | By Ian Bryan

Thank you. Those who leaned in with us, those who cared, we're still standing.

28 OCT 2020 | By Ian Bryan

It turns out there is work to be done in ESL.

Incoming: a brilliant, kind, passionate language educator who chose to pioneer an ESL learning path that secures fundamentals. I'm grateful to be consulting with NICO Languages to produce its new online learning environment, pilot programs and develop strategic alliances for the distribution of its curriculum. Take a look, and get in touch if you are interested in discussing.



Jen and I recently collaborated with Atlanta-based artist and former WorldChanging VP of Operations Amy Senn. Coming soon... her online nature gallery. I'll post a link by the New Year.