Professionally speaking, I accelerate the development + launch of ideas, products and organizations. I also provide a guidance process for product development teams and boards of directors.

Right now I am:

  • Developing RuralScout
  • Developing Nico Languages via Co-Liberate
  • Building sanctuary in Jackson County
  • Preparing for the great fall

22 AUG 2021 | By Ian Bryan

We are leaving Asheville soon. 19 years. Be in touch.

31 July 2021 | By Ian Bryan

Today begins our 30 day leap. For the next 60 days, my attention is focused almost exclusively on our Sanctuary project. I have a new number... email me if you need it.

02 APR 2021 | By Ian Bryan

I am looking for a repurpose-able 4.5 kw or better solar system. Anybody?



In 2018, I took a vow of poverty and began the work of reconciling humanity with the truth of our modern world. To develop a working peer group, devoted to citizen-humanitarianism, I hit the road to raise an #ArmyOfLove. Today, we are quietly developing a human sanctuary for those who are ready to reconcile self and society.