Follow my L.I. profile for updates. Prelaunch Sept 1, full launch Nov 6.


025 August 2023 | By Ian Bryan

iBiosis will launch formally when I receive BCMC in March 2024. At present I am coaching, and iBiosis is the company that goes beyond the coaching. At present, we are working with a small community of peers to integrate identity framing, nutritional science, custom formulation and managed materialization. I welcome you to reach out, and follow updates on LinkedIn between now and then.


08 August 2023 | By Ian Bryan

Greetings from the Philippines, where Jen and I are camped out for our 10 year anniversary on the same beach where I proposed. After a week in Calatagan, we are now back in Manila, producing together for the first time since WorldChanging Studios closed in 2020. Very soon we'll launch something entirely original, and I hope you tune in.

If you're exiting corporate in pursuit of being who/what you arrived on this earth to be - reach out. I want to hear your story, and we might be intersecting already.

Prelaunch in 2 weeks... thanks to the countless beings in this network that helped me see through the muck and to the other side. Walk in beauty.

08 June 2023 | By Ian Bryan

Many adventures, all at once.

I am consulting in the housing sector and developing digital assets for clients, while soon-to-launch dreams approach at a perfect pace. I am available for limited consulting through 2023.

Launch Community | By Ian Bryan

Linda Robayo is a Certified Divorce Mediator, Divorce Coach and Family Law Attorney who offers bilingual Spanish divorce coaching nationally and mediation services in New Jersey. I helped her get her new business, Divorce With Less Remorse, launched online. She's also a fantastic human being who is in it for all of the right reasons. www.divorcewithlessremorse.com


Among other things, I build psychobiological containers for the deep work of becoming. I invite those who resonate to join me in the jungle for our next building project in SE Asia, Mar 2-12, 2024.