My name is Ian Bryan. I accelerate the development + launch of products and services that benefit humanity. When the relationship is right, I provide an accelerated coaching process for product development and launch marketing.

If you think you fit that category don't be bashful.

Right now I am:

  • Developing product launches for for NICO Languages, Unicef and a private client.
  • Building a 28 ft geodesic dome on our mountaintop.
  • Developing systems for a community healthcare startup.
  • Reading up on biogeometry.
  • Completing (likely 8 month process) books #3 & 4, "Army of Love" and "House of Twelve".
  • Working through the mountain of legal necessary to publish Teacher For Sale.

07 MAY 2021 | By Ian Bryan

I am looking for a repurpose-able 4.5 kw or better solar system. Anybody?

02 APR 2021 | By Ian Bryan

I am so grateful to finally roar. If all goes according to plan, Teacher For Sale will be out by December. Read more about that here.

21 MAR 2021 | By Ian Bryan

Jen and I recently collaborated with Atlanta-based artist and former WorldChanging VP of Operations Amy Senn. After over a decade of supporting my businesses, I'm jumping in to help her build a brand that resonates with this delightful, unusual work. Check her out.



In 2018, I took a vow of poverty and began the work of reconciling humanity with the truth of our modern world. To develop a working peer group, devoted to citizen-humanitarianism, I hit the road to raise an #ArmyOfLove. This initiative is paused while the pandemic lives on, but I can't wait to resurface. Email me if you can't wait either.