I invest in people, materialize ideas, create products, and infuse organizational missions with practical strategy rooted in truth.

In 2001, I founded a company that makes companies. Bio is here.

Right now I am:

  • Leading and developing RuralScout.
  • Coding up for 3D vegetation density scanning via drone
  • Reconfiguring Co-Liberate as a 501(c)3 to support...
  • Building the WorldChanging sanctuary in NC


17 DEC 2021 | By Ian Bryan

RuralScout put its first 100 reports under the microscope before initiating the final platform build. Launching in February, RS's enterprise suite enables density scanning and vegetal-variety mapping. This means expansion into New England States with active carbon pricing schemes. Seeking partners for development of auxiliary and complimentary datasets that give SMALL PARCEL OWNERS access to the same playing field as the big kids. Come say hi.

10 NOV 2021 | By Ian Bryan

RuralScout is in beta. Come say hi.

22 AUG 2021 | By Ian Bryan

We are leaving Asheville soon. 19 years. Be in touch.

31 July 2021 | By Ian Bryan

Today begins our 30 day leap. For the next 60 days, my attention is focused almost exclusively on our Sanctuary project. I have a new number... email me if you need it.



I am an executive board member of the Batey Rehab Project in the Dominican Republic, an NGO you can read about here: