Ian Bryan



Over a 16 year sprint, I developed and launched hundreds of technology products and learning systems in K12 education. While that might sound good, it broke my heart and left me with an ethical debt to create real impact.

There are very few wholistic "education solutions," because life is not contained to a single building or relationship. So in 2006, I expanded to produce conferences, learning systems and humanitarian responses to the human condition.


A pep talk from a college advisor encouraged me to launch a software development company in 1998. From there, I developed 3 internet companies and opened a coffeehouse. At 24 years old, Siteleader acquired my companies and made me VP of Support.

Scaling Ideas

I relocated to Asheville NC and started Sensible City. In 10 years, we launched a lion's share of mainstream educational technology. Our reputation was in K12, but we also raised major progressive brands, like West Coast Green, CleanTech Open, Ecobuild, Green Festivals, and Ecocity World Summit.


In 2004 I lobbied for the Black Star Project, which led to consulting for the presidential campaign of Barak Obama in 2008. I started and led the WNC field office. A few months later, film star and classroom teacher John Hunter tapped us to launch "World Peace & Other 4th Grade Achievements".


I am devoted to the Batey Rehab Project: a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and care of children subjected to extreme violence and trafficking in the Dominican Republic. In support of this mission, I created WorldChanging Studios and joined the BRP board of directors.

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